1. Leaves with ovate to broadly triangular blades mostly less than twice as long as wide, the lowermost (or next to lowermost) pair of lateral veins equaling or exceeding all others in length and prominence (and with several smaller branches toward margin of blade); buds each covered with several overlapping scales; bracts (“scales”) in ament coarsely toothed to lacerate or fringed; flowers with an oblique or symmetrical cuplike disc at base; stigmas consisting of 4 or more lobes.


1. Leaves with lanceolate to linear blades (1.5–) 2 or more times as long as wide, the lowermost several pairs of lateral veins shorter than those toward middle of blade, scarcely prominent; buds each covered with a single scale; bracts (“scales”) in ament entire; flowers with glands at base but no disc; stigmas 2, unlobed.



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