Included in Caprifoliaceae in Michigan Flora.

1. Plant an erect shrub; leaf blades acute to acuminate, toothed (even if minutely) below as well as beyond the middle; flowers spreading, usually more than 2 in an inflorescence, on peduncles shorter than the subtending leaves; ovary and fruit with bristles not gland-tipped.


1. Plant with long-trailing stem from which arise short erect nearly herbaceous leafy shoots; leaf blades obtuse or rounded, shallowly toothed on apical half only; flowers pendent, normally in pairs on long peduncles terminating the leafy shoots and much exceeding the leaves; ovary and fruit with gland-tipped bristles.


All species found in Linnaeaceae

Kolkwitzia amabilisBEAUTY-BUSH 
Linnaea borealisTWINFLOWER 


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