Please try our next iteration of the Michigan Flora Online here. Beginning on February 1, 2023, will point to this new site.

The new site offers several benefits over the existing website, including real coordinate mapping, giving a clearer view of the density of documentation as well as more precision about plant distributions and their link to landforms. We will also have the ability to update species pages more regularly, both in terms of new collections and as more existing Michigan specimens are georeferenced. In addition, we have a better photo display, and offer indented keys.

Genera in Michigan Flora whose family assignments are here changed

Acer Aceraceae Sapindaceae
Acorus Araceae Acoraceae
Adlumia Fumariaceae Papaveraceae
Aesculus Hippocastanaceae Sapindaceae
Agalinis (incl. Tomanthera) Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Aletris Liliaceae Melanthiaceae
Allium Liliaceae Alliaceae
Anagallis Primulaceae Myrsinaceae
Anticlea (see Zigadenus) Liliaceae Melanthiaceae
Antirrhinum Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Arceuthobium Viscaceae Santalaceae
Asclepias Asclepiadaceae Apocynaceae
Asparagus Liliaceae Asparagaceae
Atriplex Chenopodiaceae Amaranthaceae
Aureolaria Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Besseya Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Beta Chenopodiaceae Amaranthaceae
Brasenia Nymphaeaceae Cabombaceae
Buchnera Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Buddleja Buddlejaceae Scrophulariaceae
Cabomba Nymphaeaceae Cabombaceae
Callitriche Callitrichaceae Plantaginaceae
Camassia Liliaceae Hyacinthaceae
Castilleja Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Celtis Ulmaceae Cannabaceae
Chaenorrhinum Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Chamaelirium Liliaceae Melanthiaceae
Chelone Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Chenopodium Chenopodiaceae Amaranthaceae
Chimaphila Pyrolaceae Ericaceae
Claytonia Portulacaceae Montiaceae
Cleome Capparaceae Cleomaceae
Clintonia Liliaceae Convallariaceae
Collinsia Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Convallaria Liliaceae Convallariaceae
Corispermum Chenopodiaceae Amaranthaceae
Corydalis Fumariaceae Papaveraceae
Cuscuta Cuscutaceae Convolvulaceae
Cycloloma Chenopodiaceae Amaranthaceae
Cymbalaria Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Dasistoma Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Dicentra Fumariaceae Papaveraceae
Diervilla Caprifoliaceae Diervillaceae
Digitalis Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Disporum (see Prosartes) Liliaceae Convallariaceae
Dysphania (Chenopodium) Chenopodiaceae Amaranthaceae
Ellisia Hydrophyllaceae Boraginaceae
Empetrum Empetraceae Ericaceae
Euphrasia Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Fumaria Fumariaceae Papaveraceae
Gratiola Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Hemerocallis Liliaceae Hemerocallidaceae
Hippuris Hippuridaceae Plantaginaceae
Hydrocotyle Apiaceae Araliaceae
Hydrophyllum Hydrophyllaceae Boraginaceae
Hypericum Clusiaceae Hypericaceae
Hypoxis Amaryllidaceae Hypoxidaceae
Kickxia Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Kochia Chenopodiaceae Amaranthaceae
Kolkwitzia Caprifoliaceae Linnaeaceae
Lemna Lemnaceae Araceae
Leucospora Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Linaria Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Lindernia Scrophulariaceae Linderniaceae
Linnaea Caprifoliaceae Linnaeaceae
Lysimachia Primulaceae Myrsinaceae
Maianthemum (incl. Smilacina) Liliaceae Convallariaceae
Mazus Scrophulariaceae Phrymaceae
Medeola Liliaceae Convallariaceae
Melampyrum Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Mimulus Scrophulariaceae Phrymaceae
Misopates Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Moneses Pyrolaceae Ericaceae
Monotropa Monotropaceae Ericaceae
Muscari Liliaceae Hyacinthaceae
Najas Najadaceae Hydrocharitaceae
Nelumbo Nymphaeaceae Nelumbonaceae
Odontites Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Ornithogalum Liliaceae Hyacinthaceae
Orthilia Pyrolaceae Ericaceae
Parnassia Saxifragaceae Parnassiaceae
Pedicularis Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Penstemon Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Phacelia Hydrophyllaceae Boraginaceae
Philadelphus Saxifragaceae Hydrangeaceae
Phryma Verbenaceae Phrymaceae
Polanisia Capparaceae Cleomaceae
Polygonatum Liliaceae Convallariaceae
Proboscidea Pedaliaceae Martyniaceae
Prosartes (Disporum) Liliaceae Convallariaceae
Pterospora Monotropaceae Ericaceae
Pyrola Pyrolaceae Ericaceae
Rhinanthus Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Ruppia Ruppiaceae Potamogetonaceae
Salicornia Chenopodiaceae Amaranthaceae
Salsola Chenopodiaceae Amaranthaceae
Sambucus Caprifoliaceae Adoxaceae
Samolus Primulaceae Theophrastaceae
Scheuchzeria Juncaginaceae Scheuchzeriaceae
Scilla Liliaceae Hyacinthaceae
Smilacina (see Maianthemum) Liliaceae Convallariaceae
Smilax Liliaceae Smilacaceae
Sparganium Sparganiaceae Typhaceae
Spirodela Lemnaceae Araceae
Stenanthium Liliaceae Melanthiaceae
Streptopus Liliaceae Convallariaceae
Suaeda Chenopodiaceae Amaranthaceae
Tilia Tiliaceae Malvaceae
Tofieldia Liliaceae Melanthiaceae
Tomanthera (see Agalinis) Scrophulariaceae Orobanchaceae
Triadenum Clusiaceae Hypericaceae
Triantha (Tofieldia) Liliaceae Melanthiaceae
Trientalis Primulaceae Myrsinaceae
Trillium Liliaceae Trilliaceae
Uvularia Liliaceae Convallariaceae
Veronica Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Veronicastrum Scrophulariaceae Plantaginaceae
Viburnum Caprifoliaceae Adoxaceae
Vincetoxicum Asclepiadaceae Apocynaceae
Wolffia Lemnaceae Araceae
Yucca Liliaceae Agavaceae
Zannichellia Zannichelliaceae Potamogetonaceae
Zigadenus (see Anticlea) Liliaceae Melanthiaceae