A difficult genus and collections should be of the entire plant, with main stems and larger leaves well represented. Internode pubescence should be checked at the middle of the stem.

1. Leaves densely white-woolly.

S. byzantina

1. Leaves variously pubescent to glabrous, but green and not white-woolly.

2. Leaves glabrous, sessile or subsessile, ± linear, entire to lightly toothed.

S. hyssopifolia

2. Leaves usually at least sparsely pubescent (at least beneath), sessile or petioled, lanceolate to ovate, regularly serrate.

3. Stem internodes pubescent on sides (at least 2) and angles; calyx pubescent throughout, sometimes including short gland-tipped hairs as well as longer ones.

4. Pubescence of stem angles and sides mostly spreading.

S. pilosa

4. Pubescence of stem angles and sides mostly retrorse.

5. Calyx, bracts, and inflorescence axis pubescent with mostly eglandular hairs, glandular hairs scattered and inconspicuous or essentially absent.

S. arenicola

5. Calyx, bracts, and inflorescence axis heavily stipitate-glandular as well as pubescent with straight hairs.

S. palustris

3. Stem internodes glabrous or pubescent only on the angles; calyx glabrous or pubescent (eglandular) primarily on the nerves and ciliate lobes.

6. Main stem leaves nearly sessile to very short petioled, petioles up to ca. 0.8 cm long; widest leaves ca. 1.2–1.8 cm wide.

S. aspera

6. Main stem leaves clearly petioled, the longest petioles (0.6–) 0.8–3 cm long; widest leaves ca. 1.5–4.2 cm wide.

7. Petioles and leaf blades (at least on the main veins beneath) hispidulous to hispid; longer petioles (0.6–) 0.8–1.5 (–2.4) cm long; widespread.

S. hispida

7. Petioles and leaf blades glabrous or nearly so; longer petioles 1.3–3 cm long; southern Lower Peninsula.

S. tenuifolia

All species found in Stachys

Stachys arenicolaHEDGE-NETTLE 
Stachys asperaHEDGE-NETTLE 
Stachys byzantinaWOOLLY HEDGENETTLE 
Stachys hispidaHEDGE-NETTLE 
Stachys hyssopifoliaHYSSOP HEDGE NETTLE 
Stachys palustrisWOUNDWORT 
Stachys pilosaHEDGE-NETTLE 
Stachys tenuifoliaSMOOTH HEDGE NETTLE 


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